Nutritional Counseling:

Nutritional Counseling:

Learn how to eat a healthy, low calorie diet by using simple techniques which will not only assist in weight loss but will also lead to healthier lifestyle changes moving forward. By using our "checks and balances" system, you will never have to count calories again. Portion sizes become the main focus which will eventually become a way of life. Call 856-446-9050 to set up an appointment or visit our webpage
Lori Lynn, Dietitian (In Photo)

Three Day Detox:

Need to lose a few extra pounds quickly? Our three day detox uses clean eating techniques to allow the body to release toxins and water weight quickly. This is a great way to lose a few pounds prior to an upcoming occasion and make a special dress or bathing suit fit better, or as a pre-cursor to a new diet program.

Diabetes Counseling:

Learn how to live with diabetes by counting carbohydrates and making lifestyle changes which will help to lower and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Our dietitian is certified in diabetes management through the American Association of Diabetes Educators and using American Diabetes Association curriculum.

Low Calorie/High Protein Diet:

This diet program is perfect for the person who doesn't have time to cook or meal prep, forgets to eat meals or doesn't have enough time in the day to stop and eat a meal. With this program you will be on a low calorie, high protein meal plan in which meal replacement products as well as your own groceries are combined to make dieting simple and doable.

HCG Diet Program:

Lose up to one pound per day! HCG is an amazing way to lose weight by metabolizing fat stores while eating a very low calorie anti-inflammatory diet.

GOALS Maintenance Program:

This is a great program for anyone who wants to not only maintain their weight, but also work in a curriculum based program to learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes in order to never have weight issues again. Everyone worries most about gaining back the weight they lost. With the STAR program you will visit with our dietitian on a regular basis over a six month period of time to discuss progress as well as work together with worksheets and goals to completely and permanently break any bad habits.

Appetite Suppressants:

Sometimes all you need is to shut down your appetite a little bit so you can focus on making healthier food choices. See our dietitian for nutrition and meal planning advice AND make a separate appointment with one of our providers to make sure appetite suppressants are an option for you. Follow ups will be held with both the dietitian as well as the providers at separate appointments.

B12 Injections:

Weekly injections which will assist in speeding up metabolism, boost immune system and increase energy levels.

MIC Lipoprotein Injections:

Weekly injections of B-vitamins and chromium will assist in fat burning and speed up metabolism.